Guys…Get Yo Swagger Up!

Style…again lol
The Fellars with style.
Got to give it to the men
out there setting trends
that are hard to deny lol
See now you may Agree
or Disagree..whatever.
My Blogs=My Opinons lol

1.Kanye West

2. Trey Songz

3.Pharrell Williams

4.Bow Wow (I know I know lol)

5.Souljah Boy (Don’t Freak out!)

Kanye come on now. I mean even if you’re not a fan. You’re crazy if you’re not! You know how he is a trendsetter and is not afraid to start something new! Trey Songz has a sophisticated style which can morph into a hoodlook at any time, both neat and co-ordinated. He has maintained and improved his style from the start of his career. Sexy..hmm. Hehe. Pharrell WilliamsI don’t wear it cause of Pharell, I wear it cause I’m For real” Jocking Jay Z lyrics. From Billionaire Boys Clothing its undisputed that Pharrell has an eye for fashion, he can go from different looks and still keep it fly but he still stays true to the skater look and similiar to Kanye sets trends and dresses to stand out. Bow Wow. has grown up and his woredrobe reflects that, opting for a grown and sexy look but very casual and sophisticated. I hope this look continues. I wonder who his stylist is…? lol Souljah Boy at his AGE, has a sense of style rooted to his personality, colour co-ordinated, very simple and a whole load of bling, I think he is the leader of style for his age group.


2 responses to “Guys…Get Yo Swagger Up!

  1. I think it is painful to know that Soulja Boy is the leader of style for my age group…really…i really hope not…i enjoy reading ure blog…u can catch mine at…it would be an honor if you followed me…

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