Love Vs Money

This album is incredible. This man is incredible, musically, he will make his mark on the history of RnB and Pop. Yes, I have his first album and I am a fan. Honestly, I was reluctant to like him but he grew on me. And he grew on me well! “Rockin’ That Thang” Is my banger! I love that song, its so catchy yet relaxing. He is a hit maker. I can describe this album as an evolution of his first album. It has the bangers and the slow jams. What he is known for! “Walking On The Moon” Featuring Kanye West. You know when this man features on your song, its a certified hit. You can hate it but its true lol The track I had on repeat “Put it down” It reminds me of “Love Songs” with the heavy baseline and simple melody! I mean this album is one that should be in your collection. Its a classic and well thought out with conceptual tunes. I rate it 10/10!

A-T-L-A-N-T-A G-A- that’s where I stay//I get my mother f*kin freak on like every day//I if I invite you to my house it aint just to say hi//It’s like I took candy from a baby the way you crying//You fine…you sigh——–//Never had nobody put it on your ass like that//But still put a tone and bring it right back//That’s whatcha want I know you like that//She’s on a high whatcha think about that//I love you girl//I loved your girl //she’s screaming (f*k that nigga)”
He made reference to “I love Your Girl” from his first album! Classic “Put It Down” lyrics.