Skank? What Happened To The Good Old Electric Slide?

Okay, I’m not that old…
But I do appreciate the
good old days where
music was inspirational
influencial and just darn
But Funky House…

Tribal ….
I mean, how do I state
my concerns? Really?
I was once a lover, a supporter. Making it out of my way
to attend every rave POSSIBLE just so I could “Skank”
See then, Skank was something you proudly learnt the
steps too. You know? A little bubbling here and there.
No,….NO not anymore.
It’s all changed.
It’s all commercialised.
The state each genre goes through.
We’ve seen it happen to
Grime, HipHop, RnB!
Rest In peace Funky/tribal.
I’m done with those ridiculous Skanks.
I won’t even bother to list them
I’m pretty sure you know what they are!