Styles That Rock

New Season

New Obessions

The celebrities I plan on following

in terms of “Fashion Trends” are:

Keri Hilson

And as The Dream Would’ve sang,
“They’re Rocking That Thang Like..”
I’ve got to admit I never really used to
Follow Beyonce. But lately, that girl has
been pulling out all the stops! I’m loving
the accessories, the bags and the heels!
As for Keri, her style has been a dominant
thing and was the main reason I fell in love
with her as an artist. She is bold and daring and mixes styles and colours that actually work
really well and have influenced my woredrobe greatly. I hope to see more and keep track!
Ciara has the feminine chique sophisticated thing going on this time around and it works. In comparison to the girly style that she had earlier in her career.