Too Fast and Way Too Furious

Okay, If you haven’t watched this yet
please do not read this! Its a spoiler. Now for those who have watched or haven’t watched it BUT want to know what my review is then…Welcome!
I watched this a week back and I was disappointed! I mean, yeah we know how the concept of Fast and Furious goes with the other ones featuring Tyrese and all. Its a great “action” movie if we’re talking fast cars, sexy women and a hero. But if you want “substance” in your action movies, look away! Don’t get me wrong, I’m a girl, but I LOVE my action movies BUT and I mean BUT they have to have a great storyline, one that makes sense and leaves me wanting to watch the next one that releases!
This storyline was non existent. Guy looking for revenge after girlfriends death ? Okay fine, but then how the girlfriend dies…where is the storyline for that? Its as if the writers just skimmed past it! And I can critique because I am an upcoming screenwriter myself! And I could’ve helped these fools!
Acting? It was ok, I mean the roles weren’t challenging or anything! Furthermore I give this film 4/10!

Disagree? My what? Yes, Opinions.