I Don’t Understand This Man!

Ladies…!This one is for us and Gentleman, Agree? OR Disagree? Or just be entertained! I am referring to a webite:

Apparently, men seek a Love-Interest. Crazy as this sounds men want to love and be loved. And the problem is women are too cold! And men struggle to find a loving woman! Ladies refrain from getting emotional if you disagree!

Men seek a woman who is attractive to them. That is quite obvious. Men like a woman who can take pride in her appearance and look good on his arm.

Men search for a woman who is trustworthy, dependable and supportive above all. A man can never forgive a woman who is unfaithful so he is looking for someone to trust. This obviously goes both ways. But us women may not be aware of this need!

At a longrun men are looking for a woman who will later become his wife. If she is sociable they can rely on her to organise social events in their relationship. Basically she will have to atleast have qualities that can work with her becoming a wife.

Men seek a feminine, gentle and kind woman? I think that may vary lol. Well, the reason being they are attracted to mother qualities…Well that all depends on the experience of their own mother!

Men love a woman with a sense of humour. Hmm don’t we all? lol Men want to have a good time and relax so an ideal woman is one who could do the same. Someone he can joke with as if she were “one of the boys”.

Men don’t want angry women. But a woman who is the ability to discuss and debate. Communication is key. Being firery may have been attractive the first day but after a while he won’t put up with it!

Men want to be challenged. Yup, we must all know this one. Never make anything too easy! But be moderate with this and don’t abuse it too much!

Lastly, MEN don’t want to be alone. Don’t be fooled by whatever bull he has told you!

Hope you enjoyed! (controversial, I know)