Blackberry?..iPhone? I’d prefere Grapes Thanks

Blackberry Or iPhone?

I forgot to say that this new online debate on whether to buy the Blackberry or iphone is pathetic. Yes I have spoken my views. They are phones that practically do the same things. No I will not research and list the differences. I was tempted to but refuse to be lurred into this debate. I just wanted to let you bloggers/followers that I am aware of this new craze.

I am sick of it! No really I am, just stick with a normal phone that can make calls, is that no longer worthy enough for you? Bloody hell.


2 responses to “Blackberry?..iPhone? I’d prefere Grapes Thanks

  1. I have never product. Blackberries have been around for time so the debate is a little redundant but essentially the majority of young people or people who are new to blackberries and like iphones don't really need it and its just a fashion statement and easy access to be on facebook all day.I personally think BB is a better device from a business man standpoint and I prefer a physical keyboard rather then a touchscreen. I say iPhone is the best touchscreen phone on the market but not the best.

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