Is He That Common?

“Universal Mind Control” is the most ecllectic album I have heard since Kanye or N.E.R.D. With help from Pharrell on his first single titled as the album it sets the pace for the sound of this album. If you are not ready to experiment then you are not ready for this album. I fell in love with this album. Tracks such as “Punch Drunk” Featuring Kanye West, with a playful hook and a laid back but catchy melody produced by Mr. West. But then, on the other spectrum there are tracks such as “What A World” and “Everywhere” With a rock and pop influenced style but Common maintains his style and flow. This album is a showcase of talent. I rate this album 10/10 for the diversity and creativity.
“This is that automatic //I stay fresh like I’m wrapped in plastic//Beat goes fast, exceed galactic//Southside boy we Cadillactic Charismatic, Asiatic,// I hustle for mathematics//Cameras, action, stay status//Act the type of yo favorite actress//Gucci – Rock’nCoochies – Pop’nMovie – Watch’nBooties – Shop’nBody – Move’n, Show’n, Groov’n, styl’n and being fly// I touch the masses like a Catholic. //Expensive rap sh**, my future’s backlit //”
Dope lyrics and flow
Lyrics from “Universal Mind Control” Featuring Pharrell