Who Is The Boss..?


Vistoso Bosses…
Vistoso Bosses

Say Hello to the first female group on Collipark the home of Souljah Boy. I found these guys whilst on a random search on YouTube.

I loved their style and their attitude and both of those elements trailed into their music, which is a combination of pop, rock, hiphop, gosh! They are alternative.

They call their style “Vistoso” which means you throw on whatever you like, not an outrageous look. But the clothes don’t really have to match. (According to them).

If you like to exercise your music taste buds then check them out!


Where you can find out more about the duo.Their single is called “Delerious”. A very simple yet distinctive melody. You either love it or hate it. But if you’re fan of Gwen Stephani or even Lady Gaga you should take to them easilly. They are young so they represent the young age group so the older heads, you can go on and ignore them. If I am correct they are 20-21.

(From Left to Right: Ttaylah P and Kelci.)