This is For The Grown and Sexy, Only For The Grown!

Ok this is something that has been on my mind lately.This is specifically for those who are undergoing the change from teenager to young adult or young adult to a full blown adult. It is a struggle and it can take some people many years before they can own the title.And the key element of becoming an adult is “Maturity“.

Its learnt, not a talent or innate!
1. It is essential the individulal has or cultivates guiding Morals and Values.
Morals are deciding what you feel are right and what you feel are wrong. These can be instilled either by society, your family(culture) or religion. But it is always good that within yourself you understand and agree with your decisions for choosing what you feel is considered “right” and what you consider “wrong“. Values are how we rate everything in our lives according to usefulness, importance or worth.
2. The individual must learn how to take personal responsibility for themselves.
Being able to accept the consequences for choices and in turn being prepared. Being reliable, being trustworthy and having integrity. The mature adult sees more of life than here and now. The mature adult refuses peer pressure to lead them astray from the right direction for their lives.
3. They must then also be consistent in demonstrating self control.
You must have the desire to do something that is more important to you , than something that isn’t. Displaying the ability to control your actions and emotions and resisting the temptation to act out of charcter is an essential element of becoming a mature young adult/adult.
4. Another. element in which the above are tied in, is knowing what you want to be.
The thought alone or the pondering of this is a sure sign of maturity. As this will be a goal for you and contributes to a life plan.

Someone who is immature will not know how to react in certain suituations due to the lack of thought of where they stand in society and how they feel about these undelying issues. Being mature is being able to handle the hard times that life throws at us in a coridal and acceptable manner.

If you are interested about where the source of these guidlines came from you can check out the following link