Rich Girls? No, Richgirl!


Welcome the new girl group after Destiny’s Child. It’s a huge void and a high standard to fill but these girls have done it! I saw these girls first and I must admit I thought oh another black girl group again but they are way more than that. They can sing, yes I mean real singing! Not the Ciara, Cassie singing, but the Beyonce, Jazmine Sullivan sing from your soul. No exaggeration. I heard “24” and loved the beat, the melody and the singing. I really hope they bring out more songs that show what they really can achieve.
For real, the industry needs some more talented females, who dress good, look good and sound good! I’m awaiting on the album where I can do a real review. But for now, you’ve read my opinion. If you’re into RnB, Pop and a mix of Hiphop these girls are the right platform for that.

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