How To Treat A Lady Not Beat A Lady!

Fellars, ever wondered
what a woman expects from a gentleman? I’m talking about a good woman, a woman who you may love, a woman who you respect. Here are a few tips to have her really impressed at just how much you care.
1. Manners
Its so simple and patronising. But its true right?
You should be polite and treat her as an intellectual equal. Bascially don’t treat her like some silly girl from around the way. Talk to her like the educated woman that she is.
2.Paying For A Date
Come on men! I know some of you are shaking your heads in disagreement to this one. But check this out: “A True Gentleman who asks a lady out will always insist on paying for a date“…Make it rain!
3.Escorting A Lady Home
Making sure she is home safely. If in your own car, open her door, escort her to her front door. That one would really impress her…!
4.Saying Farewell
Its nice to have a small chat before you actually leave, letting her know you had a good time with her etc and that you would love to see her again.