What A Real Man Wants

Ladies, this one is for us, sometimes we may not know what to give a man because we may not even understand. Here is unravelling what is really needed to better a relationship:

1. She makes him want to be a better man.
Really he wants to have that motivation in life. It would be perfect if he could get that from his other half.

2.She loves him.
Loves him for who he really is and not what he pretends to be.That means his flaws. Not having the urge to change him either.If you love him you can cope with these.

3.She gets along with friends and family.
She needs to participate with his family and get along with everyone or atleast mom and dad or his favourite sibblings etc.

4.She’s nagless
Knowing when to speak and when to let things slide. Obvioulsy there are situations that both of you know he is wrong for. But if it is minor things, refrain!

5.She lets him be a man!
Let him do what men do! Sports, hanging with the boys, video games etc. Don’t get him to stop these things. They are essential to him like air. He would love you for that. If you can assist, make sandwiches and drinks for him and his boys as they spend hours on that stupid video game… Just accept that men and women are different.