Transforming Into A New Time

This is a continuation to Transformers 1 and it is adapted from the cartoon, that was released in the 80’s. So fans of Transformers would understand and hopefully relate to the post. I was so excited and was held in anticipation for the release of “Revenge of the Fallen”. Luckilly, for this premier I watched it in the Imax, with the huge screen and surround sound. I was impressed and utterly speechless as I watched. This movie is the best I have seen in the genre of Action, with its great interwoven storyline that unravels each new aspect with each scene and continuation. OKAY SPOILER time. Optimus Prime damn, he had some added weapons and power and he can fly! Plus Megatron and StarScream got away! Hint hint to the next part. And BumbleBee’s fight scene had me so impressed. From part 1 to this continuation he has maintained his loyalty to “the boy” as Optimus Prime refers to him. The storyline, the CGI, the action, the contextualisation and the success of adaptation from a cartoon. I give this movie at 10/10. I will watch this again and purchase it on DVD!