Michael’s Funeral On July 7th 2009

Michael Jackson’s public funeral was held on July 7th 2009 televised at 6pm. It was heartfelt it was emotional, for fans, for friends of Michael, His family and a mind changer for all the unbelievers of Mike. I personally found myself holding in tears throughout but I started crying when his only daughter Paris began to talk. It arose the reality, that Michael was a father. He had 3 children who will now grow up without a father! Perfomances by Stevie Wonder, Mariah Carey, Jenifer Hudson and Usher and many more including his brother Jermaine Jackson. Each perfomance was emotional, uplifting, a memory of Michael and the fact that we should remember his legacy. The memorial gave way to the fact that Michael was Humantarian and always gave back and was concerned with society. He was filled with a love and a gentle sensitive soul. It gave praise to his magical dance moves that later inspired many more dancers and musicians.
It gave notice to the creativity Micheal held and he was then labeled “An icon” ” A hero” ” A Genius“.He was a star on earth that the world took for granted. Michael Rest in peace and your music will contine to live on, forever!