Go Girl Its Your Birthday

Oh man, very very long time, and I appologize greatly!

Check the cake… Made for me by a special individual!
she knows who she is!

Well, yes I turned 21 yesterday, quite an eventful day. And I am assuming the older you get the less people care about your birthday? Am I allowed to make that assumption? My 21st wasnt the type you see on t.v with limosines, and celebrities making a guest appearance…no..Just my friends really. But I thank God, for another year added and I hope to make big things happen!
I have been missing from the blogging scene because my laptop decided it needed a vaccation. I am using the family pc and it runs slow! So making updates were a lifetime! But I will look past my obstacles and keep updated!

“Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeee, happy birthday to me” lol