Miss Keri Baby

I have loved Keri from the first day I heard her song “Where Did He Go” leak on the internet and from there I was totally obessessed. Although she featured on “Hey Now” By Xbit. I was still anxious for her debut. I think she is a talented woman, commended for brilliant songwriting skills penning most of the songs on the chart Usher “Love In This Club”, Omarion, “Icebox” and many more. I am a songwritter so I really have respect for artists who can right, conceptual songs especially. Her album “In a Perfect world…” is a perfect example, it ranges from different stages in a relationship. From “Turning me on” describing the first meeting with a guy to “Knock Me Down” The ups and downs of established relationships to the last song “Where did He go” Which ends with sad longing songs, for the single women. I really do wish Keri the best and if you still havent purchased her album, go get it!