TSL..If You Don’t Know! Now You Do!

On the 19th December I got the opportunity to interview the upcoming dance crew called TSL. After watching their performance as part of a Christmas charity that had dance moves recognizable from the 80’s. It was nostalgic with music from Inspector Gadget and the toys ’r’ us commercial. There were a lot of spectators that enjoyed the performance. They were after a first group but they had a longest time on the stage. I thought it was an engaging performance and wore a smile on my face.

All the members are from Croydon, in South London and joint by friendship. The group started as CMG and then “it went pear shape” as T-Chase the leader of the crew stated. He was the founder of the first group and was inspired by a close friend of his in 2005. The word “Go getter” could readily describe his personality and determination when it comes to the progress of the dance crew. When describing the dance crew he said “A group of individuals that like dancing and try everything”.

So I met the members.

K.Dot, 26, was inspired by Michael Jackson at the age of 3 she knew she wanted to dance. She is involved with a salsa class where she teaches children over the summer. She is content with the group and happy that their friendship always comes first! “I am second in line” She recalls when stating her position in the crew. And she is willing to accept that she is not the best dancer but and learning to grow.

T-Dot, 25, realised he wanted to dance at the age of 5, when he saw Michael Jackson. He enrolled in the Britt school and has experience in ballet for 5years. He always comes up with ideas for the dance crew’s choreographer. “Tyrone’s in front and I am second in command” He refers to his role in the crew with a content smile.

S-Dizzle, 25, She knew she wanted to dance from a young age also. At the age 16 she wanted to go the Britt School but wasn’t allowed. She ended up becoming a qualified chef but this did not stop her from dancing, as she taught a street dance class for children. She joined the group when she was 21 but left when she was 23 and just recently came back. She was urged to join the group again. Her dance skills were apparent, her ability to, pop, lock and ripple are just a few techniques to name. “It’s just natural talents” She described her ease with dancing.

Ki-Ki, 20, realised she wanted to dance only a year ago. She has been with the crew for a year and three months. She too is inspired by Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake. She joined the group through T-Dot, who knew T-Chase. It took her a few months to get the routines down. She has participated in the video shoots and the shows they have done. She feels she is bubbly and the loudest. She did tap-dancing when she was a little girl but didn’t know much of street dance up until recently. “Good things thanks to management” She described the outlook of the crew since being managed by Mickael.

T-Chase passion for dancing is obvious. He considers himself “self taught” as that is exactly how he attained his dancing skills. His first inspiration was Michael Jackson and his favourite tour being Dangerous 95 “Billie Jean”. He got the group together formed by friends he had in Croydon. He was inspired when creating the choreography for the crew’s routines by all types of music. He is happy with doing shows at the bar “Reflex” In Croydon and “feels at home”.

They performed and in two of the shows, it was entertaining comical and journeyed a timeline of the 80’s with routines to Michael Jackson to inspector Gadget to James Brown. There was a wonderful mix of dance styles and flavour. A dance group to keep your eye on!

To contact of find out more information on the dance crew, check their page on Facebook. New members are always welcomed although picking up the routines are essential. And an audition may be required!