Signs That He Likes You

Ladies have you ever doubted within yourself whether he really likes you? Well here are some solutions for your problem. (in no particular order)

  • Always trying to make you laugh
  • Always wanting to be close to you e.g. tapping you, playing with your hair etc
  • Always smiling and laughing at your jokes, even if they’re silly
  • Always trying to catch your attention e.g being silly
  • Always starts or encourages coversation with you
  • Gives you a nickname
  • Gets easily jealous if he sees you talking to a “guy” friend
  • Always finds time to go out with you
  • Help with your work or anything that you need help with
  • Stares at you when you’re not looking (not in a creepy way!)
  • Keeps in contact via calls, texts, IM’s, etc regularly
  • Gets you presents and pays for things
  • Playful and plays mean e.g. flirting etc
  • Looks you deeply in the eyes whenever you talk to him
  • Sometimes shy and nervous around, but always a gentleman

If you can nod to most of these signs on the list then, congratulations! He likes you! 🙂 And if not then, he doesnt like you. And dealing with rejection can be an issue but just know that he isn’t the only guy in the world and there will be one guy who will display most of these signs! (more in later post)