I-Phone Versus Blackberry…Or is that rivalry dead?

Ahem…Okay so in an earlier blog, I detested Blackberry’s and the whole lot of them. But I must confess I own a Blackberry Pearl. And Blackberry’s get very boring after a while of sharing pins and being on BBM. And not to mention of you have a roller ball, that always gets demaged and I had to pay to get  mines fixed and I was not the slightest bit impressed. So now they have the i-Phone 4G not that I know all this jargon, I will take the girly approach and say I like the look of the phone, the touch screen , the millions of applications you can get on it.I know the talk time on both of these phones suck but for the internet, I would prefere the i-Phones wide screen. I want an i-Phone….and lets see if I make a review complaining about it!

2 responses to “I-Phone Versus Blackberry…Or is that rivalry dead?

  1. Babe, that rivalry is D E A D. As much as Blackbery owners can't admit it, it's over. The only people who hold on to a BB are folks who need it for their job or just can't bring themselves t come out of the stoneages.

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