Healthy means Happy

Ok So You have a relationship!
Congratulations! But
you want to know how to maintain it!
Here are some points from some research I did.
 I hope it works for you!
Good Communication is key : Avoid blame and Judgement. Do Not make assumptions. Do not Overreact. Listen other than planning a strategy whilst your partner is talking! (arent we all guilty of that?)
Trust and Respect: When you can feel open to be honest and genuine. Respect helps to encourage that feeling.
Team Appoach: Remember you are on the same team when tough times hit or when conflicts arise.(so easy to forget) Support each other and work together.
Deal with problems as they arise: Sort them out and let go. Do Not hold grudges!
Try to be accepting of differences: Agree to disagree on things.Accept that your opinion has to change. See your partners point of view. Respecting your partners differences will help them to respect yours.
REMEMBER: Rather than looking at arguements as a catastrophe try to step back and make light of the situation. Maybe even laugh at yourself. It helps to lessen the silly arguements that may crop up time and time again.

Obviously everyones relationship is different and what works for you may not work for someone else. Maybe a few of these points or even one may help your relationship. Either way GOOD LUCK