Self Love

I have been thinking about this issue for years.And have come to realize its importance at any point of someones life. The earlier the better of course. But it takes a lot to love oneself and opens so many routes to happiness in ones life. Whether you are religious or not, this point makes a difference to anyone’s life.

I personally think self love helps one to realize that yes everyone is unique and different but we are equal in the sense that we are humans and if I kill you, you can die and vice-versa. Hence my dislike against prejudice behaviors which I think can be caused by an egotistical character. Thinking that because one is unique they are better than the next person, I don’t agree with that way of thinking. (That can be discussed in an entirely different entry.)

I personally think, learning how to pamper oneself and take care of yourself is a way of self love. Because you are grateful for your legs, arms, eyes and make sure they are in good health. No, I don’t think extremes such as plastic surgery, or false applications are a great way of showing self love. And this can cause disputations. But in theory it makes sense that if you practice self love, you should be all natural. (Open to interpretations).

Understanding your strengths and weaknesses and coming to terms with them. Do you want to improve on them and how, and how far would you go in making this a mission to complete in your life. Coming to accept the physical flaws or disabilities and understanding that’s just who you are and the next person will just have to deal with that. Simple.

You are wonderfully unique, whether you realize it or not and do not let anyone tell you any different! Look in the mirror, accept who you see and be real, if you know you can be a better person keep striving to be the best you can be. If you fall, just dust yourself off and get right back up!


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  1. I truly understand and agree with individuals continuingly assessing themselves on their strengths and weaknesses and how they would like to improve. I think a good way of doing this is to create a vision board, which allows you to set a strategy for dealing with such weaknesses and perhaps changing those weaknesses into strengths.

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