What It Is To Be A "Woman"

Ok, to be honest I have a slight Feminist feeling inside me when  I deal with the issue of Women. And what is being a “Woman”. What does it involve? What signficance does it hold? Does everyone have their own opinion on that? Will Man and Woman ever come to an agreed definition or role?
Well, I have my person opinion 🙂 And I care to share, I hope you can take something from it.
I agree its a Man’s World. Women don’t tut and shake your heads 🙂 And I think yes to an extent there are limitations. I guess we will wait to see the day when Women openly rule the world. But until then (lol), I feel we support the Men in helping them make wise choices. Its in our power to lead a man in the wrong direction for they will always be physically attracted to us. I think Women are Mothers,Nurturers as we are the source of life. We carry a child and give birth to this child and we are to raise that child to be the best they can be. Simply for that reason I feel Women have a huge responsibility in deciding how they want to live their lives.
I don’t agree with jealousy, envy or bringing another Woman down. Yes, we are opinionated creatures but  at the end of the day, when it comes down to it. Women will be generalised. What one Woman does, speaks for the whole gender. We all sadly know that. So why not support each other and understand that and use that as a positive trait?
I’m happy to be a young woman, and as I grow older I come to terms with my position as a woman and the difference I can make in my community and in turn to the whole world as being a woman. We are responsbible for the next generation, in raising them and preserving history and knowledge. This is loosely my term, each woman will be different but we all share the things I’ve listed in common and that I feel is the foundation of being a woman.