My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Kanye West My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

This album has undergone a many controversies in the media for the artwork. Good job ‘Ye because that is how I knew about the album! The fact that it had nudity in it made people tut and turn heads. But Kanye spoke out via his Twitter

In the 70’s album covers had actual nudity … It’s so funny that people forget that…Everything has been so commercialized now

Me, personally I was much concerned about the music. Starting with the first single released from the LP titled “Power” Again this video was associated with the conspiracy theories that are floating about in the media at the moment. But the video struck me as unique and artistic. I loved the song and the political issues raised in the lyrics. I felt Kanye was bringing out his conscious side. This has been very much reoccurring throughout his albums, more so in his first.

The album is an experience that is associated with the 35mins video titled “Runaway”. Starring Selita Ebanks(Victoria’s Secret model)  Directed by Kanye West and written by Hype Williams (Famous Music Video and film director genius, known for music videos such as Missy Elliott “Can’t stand the rain“) The whole album is the soundtrack within the movie and I liked that because when I listened to the video I had images stored in my mind. I think this was very clever,artistic, genius,bold,risky etc! My personal favourite is the first song on the album called  “Dark Fantasy” Featuring Nicki Minaj, narrating just before the song starts. The visual I see, is Kanye driving, down a long dark road surrounded by trees, in a black Murcielago. I think that is just Epic!!

My second favourite on the album is “Monster” Featuring Rick Ross (narrating at the start of the song), Jay-Z and Nicki Minaj. I like the concept of this song and the catchy hook “Gossip Gossip n***a just stop it, everybody knows I’m a — Monster!“. I think the entire album is very much conceptual. This particular song is very much animated with the appearance of Nicki Minaj and her alter ego called Roman. Jay-Z graces his presence on the song and the whole mood of the song is dark and emotionally charged.

I rate this album 10/10.I support any album that is out of the box and showcases creativity! (Except it does have explicit content for those with sensitive ears)  I love every single song and I reccommend those who are fans already to go get it! If you aren’t yet a fan and are interested, I suggest you take a listen and let me know if you agree with this review 🙂


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