The Vengeance Trilogy

I have recently been introduced into the Japenese film craze and I absolutely love it! I just don’t understand why I haven’t found out way earlier!!! Thank you (He knows who he is 🙂 ) Back to the review as I digressed…

This is the Vengeance Trilogy and as you have guessed by the name you know what the theme is centered around.  It consists of three films Sympathy for Mr Vengeance, OldBoy and Sympathy for Lady Vengeance. Sad to say I have not yet watched Sympathy for Mr Vengeance but plan too.And once I do, I will post the complete review for this. It is directed by Park Chan-Wook.(known for his horror movies)

Old boy had me speechless. I loved the uniqueness of this film. It played on certain moral issues and it dealt with emotionally heavy subjects. I was reeled in from the start until the end. Although I must mention, if you cannot stand the sight of blood, then this film probably is not for you. But you really have to be open minded. If you have watched movies of this genre then you will be at ease.  All these films have subtitles too, so you will be multi tasking from watching to reading!

Lady Vengeance was amazing. I will admit the storyline did confuse me and so I struggled to keep interest at those points. But once everything came together, I was breath-taken. Again it deals with the same themes as Oldboy. It is very emotionally pulling. Again if you cannot stand the sight of blood…Yes, you know what I will say next.

I will give these films 10/10! Go and watch them! Get the DVD or watch it online! Comment and  tell me how it went!