Pink Friday


I listened to the album and I personally prefered her mixtape. But just like the mixtape it has a mixture of different  sounds that she is known for. It was difficult to figure out what the genre was and even now I can’t place it. I am unsure if that is a good thing. She sings, raps and she cusses. I only liked a few tracks but I am sure others may feel differently. I liked “Did it on ’em” and “Romans Revenge” as it has her alter ego (Roman) and her famous fury filled lyrics. I also enjoyed “Moment in life” featuring Drake and “Blazin” featuring Kanye West.

For her fellow Barbies I am pretty sure they enjoy the album as she made it for them in mind. Barbies being the name of her fans.

Overall I would give this album 8/10.  I don’t know how this song will do on the charts. But I sure will keep a look out. WARNING: Those with sensitive ears may not enjoy the album as there is a lot of swearing.Tell me what you think!