Hugely Dissappointed in Keri Hilson

keri hilson

Ahem! Where do I begin?  I have been a fan of Keri Hilson the first day I heard of her and  I even have an Artist Spotlight review on her, basically commending her for her talent. I just liked the way she was put together, her style, her sound and what she stood for as an artist(female empowerment more so for black women). I know she has not got the best voice but I respect her as a songwriter, being that I like to write songs too.

I eagerly bought her first album titled “In a Perfect World…” And I will admit I did not know what her direction was but thought I would wait it out. All her fans waited a year and a bit before there was rumours of her second follow-up album. A lot of her songs leaked before the album was released and I personally did not like the sound and direction. But what she stood for as an artist was still maintained.

Now, the reason for me putting this post up today. Is the selection of songs on her second album, that have caused me to no longer be a fan! I would love to quote Keri but the language used is explicit! She has gone Lil Kim on us out of nowhere and it doesn’t suit her at all.I understand the Feminist perspective but what happened to SUBTLETY?

You can check out her videos if you want to. But the men may take more of a liking to it and I guess women who believe in being free and getting rid of stereotypes. Me, personally its not what I stand for at all!