No Boys Allowed

So  I had a listen to Keri Hilson’s album and I thought it was very commercial but a good listen. It is similiar to her Sophmore album which catered to all audiences. And she remains the theme of singing from a womans perspective on love and relationships. Very feminist indeed. She claims this album is for the men who are grown and have left their childish ways behind. I guess all women will be happy to hear that and men who believe they are grown and tired of those men who act like little boys.

My personal favourites are “Gimme What I Want” very forthright with a good beat, “One Night Stand feat Chris Brown” I liked it for the sound, its her most RnB sounding song and then “Buyou feat J Cole” which is very catchy and again forthright bold lyrics.

Take a listen, if you are a Keri Hilson fan I am pretty sure you will appreciate this album.

I personally give it a 7/10. It is very commercial and I feel she couldve stepped out of the box and been way more creative.