Diggy Simmons Following in His Fathers Footsteps?

Diggy and Daddy
When I heard about the young 15 year old sensation I was surprised and I will admit I did not believe it. Although I was a fan of Run’s House I never saw it coming.I guess the focus was on his older half-brother JoJo who was pursuing a musical career.

And as far as I am concerned according to the episodes, he was not successful. He had the character of an arrogant yet humble pretty boy. So I guess this path is very much suited for him. I heard he was mentored by the rapper Lupe Fiasco. Who is a lyrical King, known for his conscious messages and articulate delivery. So, when I listened to Diggy I could see his influence. Only this is a natural talent. Diggy claimed he worked hard to get a deal signed with Atlantic. His remix/freestyle of “Made You Look” by Nas Listen brought the attention of labels. I could fully relate when I took a listen and I was blew away, my personal favourite bar was:

I did it without my parents but I’m still God-fearing

filled with the holy spirit so I fly like an angel and none of y’all even near it

He has released two mixtapes, the first is titled ‘The First Flight’ (2009) DOWNLOAD and the second is called ‘Airborne’(2010) DOWNLOAD I fell in love with Airborne, futuristic sounds and good beats by some good producers. Airborne has features from Chris Brown, Pharrell, Lupe Fiasco and more.He is good at storytelling or just simply speaking what is on his mind, with a fast clear flow. These mixtapes are lyrically creative.

Not only is he a musical genius but he has his own clothing line called Chivalrous Culture.I am pretty sure making a sneaker line would have been easy as his two half -sisters are successful with the sneaker line Pastrys You have to admit the Simmons are known for their entreperneurial spirit.

He sold it well to me and I am fan of him. Please take a listen to his mixtapes. If you love Lupe Fiasco then you can support Diggy as he is definately setting his own path in the realm conscious alternative rappers, doing things with that east coast twist. Keep an eye on his young dude, he is definately a talent to watch.

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