Maintaining Good Health

Boring? Well it’s very important!!

  • Keep Fit– Now I’m not talking going over board! A power walk? Sit ups? Walking up your stairs! Just keep the blood flowing and stay active!
  • Eat Healthy– Giving your body what it NEEDS over what it DESIRES such as Water– I mean if you have the tasteless flavour of water you have those flavoured drinks (no excuse!), Fruits– I read on a carton box of orange(from Sainsburys) that fresh, frozen, dried, canned and juice ALL COUNT  stay away from the excess sugar and salts. A balanced diet is the way forward!
  • Take your Vitamins– if  you don’t fancy eating healthy or maybe can’t really afford it, get your vitamins. Everything you need in the above can be found in vitamins at your local Tesco, Boots, Superdrugs etc.
  • Thrapeutic activities– do what makes you relax! Yoga, Reading, Sketching, Cooking. Take it easy at times but make sure it does fall into the category of being lazy!
Note: to those ill or on medication, just listen to any advice your doctor gives you and research up on what suits your particular medical need and take it from there!
Hope you enjoyed!