Transformers-Dark of the Moon

If you are a Transformers fan and you have not watched DARK OF THE MOON…OH?! You’re still here? GO! GO and watch it NOW!!! For those of you who have?….ENTER and those who are yet to experience…

Where do I begin? ….

Bumblebee…words cannot begin to describe the way you performed. All due respect goes out to you, all of it. The stunts performed had my jaw drop to the floor. The fighting scenes? Don’t get me started on the fighting scenes!
Megan Foxx not appearing in this, was a little saddening however Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was good enough I guess…
I loved the storyline that added to my understanding of Transformers. Obviously, the big man Optimus Prime does what he always does! Simply, leads like a true noble leader. And fights like a warrior! I cringed at the end but as always…as always I left with that feeling, that feeling Optimus Prime gives you when he stands in his signature pose.
I am a huge Transformers fan and this did not disappoint. I loved every single thing about Dark of the Moon.I anticiapate many more although I heard Michael Bay will no longer be reponsible for the next Transformers. I give this movie 10/10. Please, if you know nothing about Transformers get involved. I tried not to give much away so those who have not watched will enjoy the experience!