Sailing Souls

I downloaded Jhené Aiko’s mixtape and I admit I was late. But I fell in love with her music and I literally had it on repeat. At first I wasn’t a fan even though I saw her name around. In my opinion  she sounded like another Teedra Moses; amazingly talented but underrated. Her music can be described as Soul/Jazz and very relaxing. I commend her creativity and depth. I am lyrically inclined myself so I can appreciate the lyrical construction of any good song. There are not many artists that can express themselves the way Jhené can.  Her tracks are moody and emotional but relate-able.

One of my favourite songs  is “My Mine“. It is melancholy and reflective, very true to how one would feel at a time of a break up or when the relationship is lacking chemistry. It also put me to sleep. (In a good way)

I love this mixtape and give it 10/10 and wish her the best. Please check out her music.

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