Attack the Block/ Anuvahood

I had the opportunity to watch these to films recently. And…
I was very impressed. I am very comfortable watching USA movies or Japanese movies.

 Anuvahood ( staring Adam Deacon) reminded me of a British ‘Friday’ (staring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker). The humor would not be appropriate for younger children and at times it could feel awkward watching certain scenes. However, it was very funny and it did reflect the youth culture in London. It was an entertaining movie.

It wasn’t groundbreaking so I would give it 5/10.

Attack the Block (staring John Boyega) was fast paced for the typical uk film. The direction of the movie was captivating and creative. It was an action based in London. The same Youth culture represented in Anuvahood; drug dealing, gangs, slang and girls. However, it was very true to the culture unlike Eastenders (UK Soap) that misrepresents the culture. It had a twist on it, with the Sci-Fi element

I thought this film was groundbreaking as it was and is the first of it’s kind so I would give it 9/10.