Tips on Looking For A Job

The very first thing to do is figure out:

  • What it is you enjoy to do?

  • What are you interested in?

  • What are your talents, skills and strength?
Then you look for the relevant industry and do as much research as you can. Google is your best bet for researching or any search engine.
If you are a university/college student make use of your Careers centre.
Ask youself:
  • What am I willing to do?

  • What is important to me?
Write them down or talk about it with someone. Your friends and family can assist with pointing out your strengths.
Check out Prospects for more info.
  • Get into a routine, this eliminates depression and feelings of hopelessness.
  • Be persistent and treat looking for a job as a job itself and you will be successful.
  • Accept rejection it is just a part of jobsearching, there will be an employer out there who will want you!

Good Luck!