Watch The Throne

I was given the opportunity to watch Jay-Z and Kanye perform at The o2 Arena, performing tracks from their debut LP ‘Watch the Throne’.
My first concert ever; I was taken back by the immensity of the arena. I was excited and very green. I am pretty sure people noticed but I really didn’t care. I waved my hands and rapped along happily and proudly, being a devout fan of hip hop.
The concert kicked off with “H.A.M” and the crowd went wild. Both Kanye and Jay-Z performed their various hits and it was amazing to say the least. Being a fan of them both it was amazing to rap line by line alongside them.
The best was saved to the last when they performed “Niggas in Paris”. Everybody in that arena lost their minds, including me. People jumped in time to the beat, waving their hands and throwing up the “roc” sign. The energy in that arena was crazy. They performed the track FOUR times in a row, after the first two times ,they apparently left the stage and everybody desperately began chanting, “Hova! Hova! Hova!” and he couldn’t ignore the chants so both he and Kanye came running back on stage with charged up energy. The crowd lost it! The energy on that stage was quadrupled.
I enjoyed myself so much, it was the best concert ever. I thank my cousin for the opportunity. 🙂 I would love to attend another concert by Jay or Kanye. They did an amazing job and truly are my favourite rappers; the best in the game right now.
I will upload my edited video of the concert in the next post or so, so keep an eye out for that.

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