Material Girl

I have decided to start up a book review as it is another interest of mines. And why  not kickstart with Keisha Ervin’s book “Material Girl”. I am yet to get my hands on Part 2: Labels and Love. I’ve been around the web and I have seen reviews on this book and I thought why not put mines up on the wonderful web!
When I started reading the book I was instantly pulled in. The first few pages introduced you to the main character, Dylan. I loved that the name was very much unique and was somewhat masculine for a very feminine protagonist.
The first scene was easy to relate to, especially for women who suffered the “running back to your ex syndrome” (which reminds me to do a post on ‘getting over your ex’) and I felt that there were many themes and messages intertwined in this book. It highlighted the common mistake women make with men,and all of us women are all guilty of that particular mistake!
In general, all of the scenes in this book were common situations we find ourselves in  and quite typically I  found myself reflecting upon my own personal relationships! lol I would like to say that this book should be dedicated  to all the women who need to learn to take time out to understand their needs and wants.
Besides that, the storyline was enjoyable and dramatic! It  was jampacked with issues of loyalty and trust and  genuine support from family as well as friends. And lets not forget the theme of lust and love in relationships.๏ปฟ

I give this book 10/10! It is a must read and I will definately do a follow up once I get my hands on part two.

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  1. Such an intresting great blog! Lot's of inspiration for myself!Whould u like to follow each others blog to keep in touch this way?Lots of hugs,

  2. i think regardless of mistakes women make, it’s not just them society as a whole does it to, we live in a world where we want people who don’t want us and ignore the ones who do, furthermore it’s difficult to want that some one you don’t have feelings for. you just cant force your feelings to like a person when your heart ain’t with them unfortunately, it’s life and it’s been like this since the 1980’s.

  3. You make a good point. Thank you. I agree, it does extend outside of personal relationships between man and woman but rather man vs society. Messed up cycle but like you said, you can’t force your feelings to like a person if your heart isn’t with them ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Exactly, Question is how do you overcome that,
    how do you get yourself around to do something you have
    no feelings for without misleading them?

  5. I think personally, the way in doing that is just showing them you are a nice person. We sometimes forget that there are kind hearted people in the world who extend kindness for little or less. It does not mean that they have to have “feelings” but they have a genuine interest in people. And that will shine like a light, it will radiate from their being. That’s what I think. Others may have other perspectives on it.

  6. that’s a fair point but remember i specifically referring to someone who does have feelings for you, how do you get yourself around it and manage without misleading them unintentionally. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I was talking about that too. It can be put into any context really. But the people involved would have to be mature enough to realize/believe that; “that” being the existence of nice,kindhearted people . So if the person(who has feelings for you) was mature enough they would be able to see past all that “feeling” nonsense and just appreciate the person’s(your’s) kindness. It probably would be hard, for both parties involved but beneficial in the long run. I don’t think being afraid that you will mislead someone who has feelings for you should stop you or anyone from being nice and kind, in general. That’s how my utopia would be lol

  8. why am i only seeing this now, unimpressed lool, okay fair point, i agree lets hope people realize this and learn to want the people that want them rather then some they want who might not want them.

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