Chris Brown: Battling to Win

So there I was searching the web when I came across a  movie trailer with Chris Brown in it…Now before I continue, I will be honest with you, I have yet to adjust to Chris Brown as an actor. He did a great job in the movie Takers (2010). (plot: A group of bank robbers find their multi-million dollar plan interrupted by a hard-boiled detective). The typical action movie; fast paced, full of money, fast cars and guns. But however, in my opinion since the whole Rihanna fiasco Chris Brown’s career has taken a leap into greater success and I am slowly taking it all in!

OK, back to the movie trailer. The movie is titled Battle of the Year and the plot is: An American b-boy crew heads to France to compete at the Battle of the Year International Championships.  I mean, I saw this coming long before it even manifested. B2k did the whole dance movie thing and so it made sense to me that Chris Brown featured in a dance flick. I in fact do not  pay attention to these types of story lines simply because they are predictable. But in this special case I quite like what I see. I am eager for it to hit the cinemas but we all have to wait for it to come out sometime next year. Check it out: