The Dark Knight Rises

the dark knight rises
If you have not yet watched The Dark Knight Rises then I will patiently wait for you to go see it and then get back to me. For those who have, lets get into this. I just knew the moment I heard about this movie some years back, that I had to watch it. So The Dark Knight Rises picks up from Dark Knight(2008) 8 years into the story line. Bruce Wayne is still played by actor Christian Bale known for American Psycho and Batman Begins.
There are many twists in this story line. So my advice is to keep up and pay attention! I myself have plans to watch this again. If you have not watched any of the Batman movies; I recommend  that you watch Batman Begins and Dark Knight.

I enjoyed this movie and I give this10/10. Keep an eye out for the ending because it gives you a hint to the next movie.


2 responses to “The Dark Knight Rises

  1. I totally loved the movie.!!
    It wasn’t predictable, it was a grand finale.!
    Bane was the toughest opponent Batman had ever faced, and I was really worried.!!
    Movie is definitely a 10 / 10

  2. Thank you for your comment Kader. I agree Bane was a tough and noturious villian in this movie. But I love the suprises in the storyline in regards to Bane 🙂

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