Canadian Songstress: Rochelle Jordan

Rochelle Jordan

I stumbled upon the Canadian songstress on the internet and listened to her first single taken from her second mixtape; ‘Too Long’.   Her sound was described as 90’s r&b and I am the biggest lover of the 90’s! (Simply because I was raised in this era so I have a special bond with it)

I fell in love with the song instantaneously and suddenly after listening I went on a hunt for all of her music!

I downloaded her first mixtape released early last year:

 R O L O. And I kid you not, I played each and every song over and over again.

She is an amazing song writer and I appreciated how simple and raw her material is. I love the fact she is not afraid to experiment with different sounds. That is one of the main reasons I fell in love with Aaliyah. I commend any artist who can maintain their vocal style whilst experimenting with different musical genres.

My current favorite isHere I go  which is to be feature on the upcoming mixtape for this summer titled R O L O 2.

I encourage you all to get hold of her first mixtape R O L O and her music.

Check out Facebook Page for updates and releases. August 14 2012 is the release date of her debut album titled P R E S S U R  E.


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