Brandy has finally released her 6th album.  I quickly downloaded a copy of her LP and I was blown away. This album is for the R&B lovers who appreciate good music. The title was inspired by her birthday and the day Whitney Houston died. The first single on this album was “Put it down” feat Chris Brown and I heard it took a while for it to grow on people. I can say the same for  myself but now I love the song! Currently  my favorite track is “Slower” written by Chris Brown and I feel this song is the essence of Brandy’s signature melodic harmonies layered.  She said her fans loved this song, when she was interviewed on the Breakfast Club (an american radio show).

In my opinion this album focuses on love songs, which is a reflection of her life. Her past albums reflected pain and heartbreak, this album is the opposite. And to be honest I am happy Brandy is in a good place emotionally. Two Eleven is sensual, flirtatious and good old R&B. If you are a Brandy fan like myself, trust me you will not be disappointed. In my opinion she will set the tone for the new sound of R&B.

I rate this album 10/10. Get yourself a copy!!