Tiffany Evans 143

Tiffany-Evans-143 Album CoverTiffany released this long awaited EP, 143 (I Love You) on Valentines day and I made sure I had a good listen before I reviewed it.  This EP is free for download and she made it free of charge for the  devoted fans who waited on her as she got secretly married and gave birth to a beautiful daughter, all at the age of 20. The media brought attention to this as she seemed too young. She had been secretly married for 2 years! She replied back in Essence magazine:

I’m so happy and I’m so excited and I’m having a girl. It’s so big and wonderful to me. It’s an amazing experience and I wish guys could go through this. It’s life changing

However, if there is one thing I can say, it is that she has a mature voice and is a very talented dancer/performer.  Most of you may remember Tiffany from her first self titled album released in 2008, with her most popular single “Promise ring” featuring Ciara. The album did not garner much success as it reached 95 on the US R&B chart.  Hence the reason that she took time out to grow and live.  And this EP definitely reflects her growth.

The EP starts with the up beat album titled song 143 which I fell in love with instantly, her smooth vocals compliment the catchy rhythm. Then my favorite tracks are as follows: Do better, Ride 4 U, I can’t fight and Tell a Chic.

All in all I give this EP 10/10 because the production was on point, the lyrical content was inspiring yet empowering. I strongly felt the growth in Tiffany when comparing it to her first LP. I encourage you to take a listen down below and download the EP.

Aside from this EP she has been working on a project that will also be released from her independent label “Little Lady entertainment” called “Take one” that will follow her on the road of success and document her day to day activities found on her Youtube page.