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Link to article on endz2endz which is

E2E is a digital magazine catered to young people. I am responsible for editorial pieces on Arts and Cultural events located in London. The intent is to write friendly engaging articles for young people to widen their scope and knowledge of different cultures. For more of my articles on the blog click here or keep updated by Twitter: @endz2endz

My article titled: How to tackle hate crime- More punitive measures or more education? And the link to the article is:

99% Campaign blog is a youth-led initiative that aims to dispel negative stereotypes of young people, and promote their involvement in decision-making processes and civic life. I am part of the Editorial Team and above is my most recent article confronting the issue of Hate Crime here in the UK.

My article on Loco2 titled: Steve McCurry Train Photography . The link to the article is:

Loco2 is train company that strives to be independent and impartial. I completed a 3 month internship as an Editorial Assistant where I wrote 3 more articles. The intent was to encourage people to explore Europe by Train. The piece above was based on the amazing photographer. I enjoyed writing a range of pieces for the blog focused on Travel and gained additional copy writing skills.

Wild Swimming in France

Summer Festival France and Netherlands

Recycled Vintage Luggage